Hi Lisa

Harry had the BEST day ever today and can’t wait to come back for more fun tomorrow!

Thank you for organising such an amazing camp! We were launching rockets all afternoon at our house :). 

Kind regards



Hi Lisa,

Just to feed back what a fabulous day the girls had - they LOVED the freedom and choice of activities and that there were so many options throughout the day. 

They also enjoyed the time outside with the rockets and that it wasn’t just limited to recess/lunch. It was by far their favourite activity of the holidays.

Well done on bringing this to life. 

Cheers, Karen

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for putting on a great day. Charlie loved it and came home raving about how much fun he had. He is also looking forward to more STEAM days in future, as well as after-school care.

All the best,



My two had a blast! C and H couldn’t wait to lay everything out when they  got home and share with Hugo and talk about all the things they had created. Dream catchers are now pinned to walls and other items displayed around their  rooms. Thanks for all of the effort and care.


Thanks again! Xx

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