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DREAMSPACE Creative Studio ABN: 37 635 260 754 CLIENT REGISTRATION FORM - 2018



Client refers to the adult or parent/guardian of a child booking the DREAMSPACE Creative Studio classes. Student refers to the adult or child attending the arts and craft classes. Studio means the premises located at 205 Ernest Street, Cammeray NSW 2062 or Northbridge Golf Club, Sailors Bay Rd, Northbridge NSW 2063. Venue means any other premises hired for our use of workshops, holiday programs and classes.

Terms are defined by the New South Wales annual calendar. DREAMSPACE refers to DREAMSPACE Creative Studio. Associates refers to other creative partners working in collaboration with DREAMSPACE.


DREAMSPACE Creative Studio and its Associates will agree to provide arts, craft and STEAM centred workshops to the Client for the purpose of assisting with the Client or it’s child’s creative entertainment. Workshops and Classes will be conducted at the business premises situated at 205 Ernest Street, Cammeray NSW 2062 or Northbridge Golf Club, Sailors Bay Rd, Northbridge NSW 2063 or an alternative Venue hired for the same purpose.   



Students are expected and will be encouraged to behave in a manner acceptable to the staff of DREAMSPACE Creative Studio and it’s Associates. Disruptive or inappropriate behaviour of a student will be addressed and in the event of continued issues, these will be discussed with the Client. In the event that reasonable action has been taken to encourage acceptable behaviour and the student continues to behave disruptively or inappropriately, DREAMSPACE reserves the right to terminate the child’s registration.



Workshops and classes are booked when schedule becomes available prior to event or school holidays, and is subject to availability. All ’programs’ (after school) workshops are booked in term blocks.


The fees payable in respect of bookings must be paid in advance. 


After you click BOOK NOW you will be taken to our payment page. Please select the days you wish to attend and submit your payment. Payment is required in advance to secure your place.  

Extended care is available from 3:30pm - 6:00pm (+$20 per child).  If required please place a request in the comments box and a separate invoice will be emailed to you.

Water will be provided in each session. If attending holiday camps, please provide water bottles, lunch and snacks but no nut products. Light afternoon tea will be supplied at 3:45pm for aftercare children.

I give permission for my children to participate in activities organised for the days my child will be attending.

I authorise staff, in the event of accident or illness, to obtain all necessary medical assistance and treatment for my child and agree to meet any expenses attached to such treatment.

I acknowledge that my child will not attend the Service if suffering from an infectious or communicable disease as identified by the Department of Health.

I authorise staff to apply sunscreen to my child in the event that activities are taking place outdoors and they need assistance.

I understand that if my child continuously demonstrates inappropriate behaviour after guidance procedures have been followed, I will be notified and my child may be removed or suspended for a period to be determined or excluded permanently from the Service.

I understand a late pick up charges will apply after 15 minutes or part thereof, per child, after the service finishing time.​



We stress the anxiety of children who are collected late.

A telephone call to let staff know of your situation is greatly appreciated and allows us to properly inform your child/children that you will be late however this does not exempt you from the late collection fee that may apply.

If a child is not collected by the scheduled class finishing time, DREAMSPACE staff will follow the following procedures:

Once you are fifteen (15) minutes late in collecting your child, a $10 late fee will apply (including GST). For each additional minute after this time, you will be charged an additional late fee of $2.00 (including GST) per minute. Fifteen (15) minutes after the end of the lesson the student’s parents will be contacted. 20minutes after the end of the lesson/service, the child’s emergency contact will be contacted. If we are unable to contact parents and/or emergency carers, North Sydney Police will be notified and a report will need to be made to the Child wellbeing unit of the Family and Community Services (FaCS, previously known as DoCS).  



Program bookings may be cancelled within 72 hrs of scheduled date. Please contact us by voice call or text message on 0411 446 395, or email us at hello@dreamspacecreative.com.au. A credit, minus transaction fees will be applied to your account. As ‘programs’ (after school) bookings are made on a term by term basis, classes cannot be cancelled mid-term.  



It is essential that you advise DREAMSPACE as soon as possible if you or your child/ren will be absent. If your child becomes ill at school and is collected, we stress the importance of letting us know so that we do not raise alarm when your child does not meet our staff for afternoon pick up. We appreciate your understanding. If the Student will be away, you should email us or tell our staff, but we do ask that if you only receive short notice, you contact us by voice call or text message on 0411446395. You will receive confirmation of a message. If bookings are made by the term, you will still be charged for the booked class.



We ask that you respect other students and staff of DREAMSPACE and advise us of any illness or contact with contagious diseases as soon as possible. In the event of your child becoming unwell during class or an accident involving your child, you will be notified immediately and advised of the action taken. If the parent/guardian cannot be contacted in a medical emergency, a Doctor or other medical help will be sought. If their condition is serious, an ambulance will be called. We appreciate your support in the prompt collection of your child if your child become unwell during class.



We will endeavour to provide ‘make-up’ classes for students who provide us with at least 24-hours notification of an absence. Our preferred notification method is email to hello@dreamspacecreative.com.au. A maximum of 2 ‘make-up’ classes can be provided in any school term. Make-up classes are subject to availability and room in other classes. If no suitable times can be found or there is no availability in classes, then make-up classes will not be provided. All make-up classes must be authorised, verbally or in writing, by DREAMSPACE Creative Studio prior to attending. If you attend a session un-announced we reserve the right to refuse your attendance. Absence from a class can be for any reason. No ‘make-up’ classes will be provided for an un-notified absence. No discounts will be provided or refunds given for missed classes.

DREAMSPACE Creative Studio reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions.


If there is a change to your emergency contact details, please advise us immediately, so that our records are kept up to date.



If your child attends a local school, and written arrangement is made for school pickup, the Client agrees that the employees of DREAMSPACE Creative Studio are permitted to walk your child to the venue from the school in the afternoon. Afternoon tea will be supplied for children utilising the pickup service. DREAMSPACE Creative Studio classes are Allergy Aware and discourage the presence of nut products. DREAMSPACE Creative Studio requires full notification and documentation of children suffering food allergies as a requirement of booking. 



DREAMSPACE and it’s staff will advice and seek permission in writing prior to the activity, should the class activity require us to take them from the allocated premisses for an excursion. By giving us permission the client agrees that the employees of DREAMSPACE are permitted to walk and supervise their child between DREAMSPACE and the advised excursion location.



I hereby agree that DREAMSPACE Creative Studio, it’s directors, employees and associates are released absolutely from all liability and responsibility for injury, damages, illness, accident, death or loss of property howsoever arising which may occur to me or my child/ children at any time during classes or workshops at DREAMSPACE Creative Studio or when being walked to/from the studio and I hereby agree to indemnify and keep indemnified DREAMSPACE Creative Studio, its directors, employees and associates from and against all liability, damages, claims, actions and costs of defending such claims and actions whatsoever in respect thereof.



I hereby give consent (or revoke consent in the 'special request' field of the booking form) for DREAMSPACE Creative Studio, its directors, employees and associates to record my or my child/ children’s image (photograph or video footage) for promotional purposes only. I understand my or my child/ children’s image may be used in mediums including: publications and promotional material, and broadcast, print and electronic media. I acknowledge that my or my child/ children’s image may be used without any personal compensation or remuneration. I agree to forgo any rights to my or my child/ children’s image including moral rights and copyright.



By proceeding to checkout and confirming your booking you are agreeing to DREAMSPACE Creative Studio registration terms and conditions.

I hereby understand all of the clauses under this registration agreement and agree to be bound by the conditions contained therein.

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